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ACS founder, Dr. Arnold Prill, witnessing harness fit check courtesy of Southwest Airlines
Aviation Component Services, Inc. (ACS) was founded in 1990 in Dallas, Texas to manufacture and market enhanced, high quality spare parts across all sectors of the aerospace industry.  The company organized itself around the FAA’s PMA program, codified under CFR Title 14, Part 21, Subpart K - Parts Manufacturer Approvals (PMA).  ACS’ Quality System was approved in 1992 and the first completed parts were shipped shortly thereafter.

In the many years since, ACS has enjoyed the support of OEMs, airlines and MRO’s around the globe, which rely on our exceptional engineering prowess and problem-solving capabilities.   Wherever possible, ACS strives to add value and reduce headaches for its customers – be it through immediate, bottom-line savings or the intrinsic value associated with better-engineered and more durable components.

ACS’ wide-ranging customer base includes Rolls-Royce, Meggitt, Lufthansa Technik, American Airlines/US Airways, Qantas Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Kapco, and numerous independent brokers and smaller operators.  In support of their requirements, ACS ships immediately from stock in most instances.  Our catalogue includes structural parts, engine components and engine accessories, including high-temperature tubes, large diameter seals, pressure seals, fire seals, acoustic attenuators, rigid EGT Harnesses, cargo supports, hinges and bushings.  All shipments are accompanied by an FAA Form 8130-3, completed by an in-house DMIR.  We also welcome the opportunity to work with customers on new PMA projects that may address issues ignored or long-forgotten by the OEMs.

Most customers appreciate suppliers with the capacity to repair their own product, an ability which is often limited to OEMs.  In November of 2012, ACS became a subsidiary of Herber Aircraft Service, headquartered in El Segundo, California.  The union was particularly synergistic because Herber is an approved Repair Station already experienced in harness repair.  Customers can rest easy knowing that support is available for the life of their parts.

For more information or to place an order, please email us or call (972) 404-0488.

ACS is a subsidiary of Herber Aircraft Service

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