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All shipments are accompanied by an FAA Form 8130-3, completed by an in-house DMIR. We also welcome the opportunity to work with customers on new PMA projects that may address issues ignored or long-forgotten by the OEMs.

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Attenuator Assy. Acoustic AC69024/ACS-13 ED101208, AC69608, AC69024 Rolls-Royce RB211-535E4
Air tube 9318M28P14ACS 9318M28P14 GE CF6-80C2, -80E
Air tube 9318M28P16ACS 9318M28P16 GE CF6-80C2, -80E
Seal 1292M81P01ACS 1292M81P01 GE CF6-80C2, -80E
Seal 1340M69P01ACS 1340M69P01, 1340M69P03 GE CF6-80C2, -80E
Seal 9356M78P01ACS 9356M78P01 GE CF6-80A
Seal 9356M78P02ACS 9356M78P02 GE CF6-80C2, -80E
Swirler 1292M52P07ACS 1292M52P07ACS GE CF6-80C2
Seal Assy. - Fire 314W5510-67ACS 314W5510-67 Boeing 767-200, -300 (Trent)
Seal Assy. - Fire 314W5510-69ACS 314W5510-69 Boeing 767-200, -300 (Trent)
Seal External Pressure


1359M84P06, 1359M84P08, 1359M84P11 CFMI CFM56-5A, -5B, -5C,  -7B
CFM 56-7B EGT Harness TC296-03ACS TC296-02, TC296-03, TC296-04, 340-402-503-0, 340-402-504-0, 340-402-505-0 CFMI CFM56-7B
Probe C, E, G, or J (TC296-03ACS Sub-Ass.) A11943ACS 33339, A11943 CFMI CFM56-7B
Probe B, D, F, or H (TC296-03ACS Sub-Ass.) A11944ACS 33340, A11944 CFMI CFM56-7B
Wiring Harness, T495-2TC TC272-01ACS TC272-00, TC272-01, TC272-02, 301-799-201-0, 301-799-202-0, 301-799-203-0 CFMI CFM56-5C
Probe C, E, G, or J (TC272-01ACS Sub-Ass.) 33343ACS 33343, A11738 CFMI CFM56-5C
Probe B, D, F, or H (TC272-01ACS Sub-Ass.) 33346ACS 33346, A11739 CFMI CFM56-5C
Wiring Harness, T495-1TC TC273-01ACS TC273-00, TC273-01, TC273-02, 301-799-101-0, 301-799-102-0, 301-799-103-0 CFMI CFM56-5C
Probe A (TC273-01ACS Sub-Ass.) 33330ACS 33330, A11740 CFMI CFM56-5C
Harness - Wiring EGT 2TC TC315-01ACS TC315-00, TC315-01, TC315-02, 301-795-803-0, 301-795-804-0, 301-795-805-0 CFMI CFM56-5B
Probe E, G or J (TC315-01ACS Sub-Ass.) 33333ACS 33333, A13416 CFMI CFM56-5B
Probe D, F or H (TC315-01ACS Sub-Ass.) 33334ACS 33334, A13415 CFMI CFM56-5B
Harness - Wiring EGT 3TC TC316-01ACS TC316-00, TC316-01, TC316-02, 301-795-704-0, 301-795-705-0, 301-795-706-0 CFMI CFM56-5B
Probe A (TC316-01ACS Sub-Ass.) 33327ACS 33327, A13417 CFMI CFM56-5B
Probe B (TC316-01ACS Sub-Ass.) 33328ACS 33328, A13418 CFMI CFM56-5B
Probe C (TC316-01ACS Sub-Ass.) 33329ACS 33329, A13419 CFMI CFM56-5B
Lead Assembly - Electrical L.H. TC174-01ACS TC174-00, TC174-01, TC174-02, 301-779-801-0, 301-779-802-0, 301-779-803-0 CFMI CFM56-2A, -3B, -3C
Probe J or G (TC174-01ACS Sub-Ass.) 33054ACS 33054, 354264 CFMI CFM56-2A, -3B, -3C
Probe B or H (TC174-01ACS Sub-Ass.) 33055ACS 33055, 354265 CFMI CFM56-2A, -3B, -3C
Probe A or C (TC174-01ACS Sub-Ass.) 33056ACS 33056, 354266 CFMI CFM56-2A, -3B, -3C
Lead Assembly - Electrical R.H. TC200-01ACS TC200-00, TC200-01, TC200-02, 301-785-001-0, 301-785-002-0, 301-785-003-0 CFMI CFM56-2A, -3B, -3C
Probe D (TC200-01ACS Sub-Ass.) 33057ACS 33057, 354267 CFMI CFM56-2A, -3B, -3C
Probe E (TC200-01ACS Sub-Ass.) 33058ACS 33058, 354268 CFMI CFM56-2A, -3B, -3C
Probe F (TC200-01ACS Sub-Ass.) 33059ACS 33059, 354269 CFMI CFM56-2A, -3B, -3C
Box, Trim - EGT BC107-01ACS BC107-01 CFMI CFM56-3B, -3C

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